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Our Shop & Kitchen

Radford Mill Farm Shop was established in 1978 and is widely recognised as one of the very first organic whole foods stores to open in Bristol. We specialise in whole foods and organic fruits and vegetables. In store, we also produce our own range of commodities from organic cakes and concessionaires, to a range of hummus’, soups and curries. For more info on this, visit our kitchen page here. We only use organic ingredients and try to use locally grown produce where possible.

Ethics and Sustainability

Our main focus in store and for deliveries is on locally grown, fresh, organic and seasonal produce. During the spring and summer months, our farm provides us with the entirety of our leafy greens, salads, herbs and a vast majority of vine grown vegetables. As we grow as a business, we also aim to increase our positive impact on the environment. Producing more organic vegetables on the farm allows us to extend our reach to new businesses around Bristol, thereby spreading the message …? Reducing the impact of long hall distribution and the carbon footprint created by the is one of our long term goals. Promoting organic farming protects our local wildlife from harmful pesticides and helps replenish our already overly harvested top soils that have been abused by harmful fertilisers. 


At the shop a large focus has always been placed upon where we source our produce from, the conditions they have been manufactured underr and their impact upon the environment. The shop has reduced single use plastics in the interests of sustainability. 


We have recently installed refill stations and encourage customers to bring their own containers to cut out the needless waste of single use packaging. 


There are of course some products that continue to require single use plastic because of quality control and freshness. But where ever possible we have removed single use plastic and returned to glass and easily recyclable vessels. For instance, our drinks fridge now only contains glass bottles and no plastic. 

Our Kitchen

At Radford Mill Kitchen we use only the highest quality ingredients. All our products are made from organic produce. And, wherever possible, we use fruits and vegetables grown on our farm. 

We have a range of cakes and sweet treats that cater to specific dietary requirements, as well as a savoury range that is 100% plant based. Please see below a list of items we produce and what ingredient they each contain.


Like all our produces made in store, our flapjacks are made with 100% organic ingredients and we use coconut sugar instead of refined sugar to provide a substitute which tastes delicious. 


Nut - Our nut tiffin is made with a combination of Brazil nut, Walnut, Cashew nuts and with a gluten free biscuit base. We sweeten the tiffin with organic rice syrup and top off with 70% organic dark chocolate.

Fruit - Much like our nut tiffin, the fruit tiffin is also gluten free and made with 100% organic ingredients but we use a mixed fruit filling to offer something different for those with nut allergies. 

'Sausage' Rolls

Our newest addition to the range is our vegan and gluten free sausage rolls made from walnuts and mushroom.

Onion Bhajis

We now produce our very own range of gluten free Onion Bhajis made with a gram flour batter and a range of herbs and spices which are made fresh every morning. 

Hummus Range

We produce our hummus' twice a week at Radford Mill Kitchen. With a recipe that was first thought up 20 years ago when the kitchen business first took off. It has proven so popular that we have expanded our range to include five new flavours ranging from lemon and coriander to chilli, beetroot, sun-dried tomato and carrot.  

Original Hummus
Chilli Hummus
Beetroot Hummus
Lemon & Coriander Hummus
Tomato Hummus
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